• Transparent tape

  • Color strip

  • keder

  • keder

  • keder

  • Slider

  • zipper

  • Tent Card Cloth White

  • Tent Card Cloth Black ..

  • Tank card gray back

  • PVC coated cloth

  • PVC coated cloth

  • Octagonal tent

  • Car show tents

  • Polygonal tent

  • Sports tents




Haining Peng also tents Material Co., Ltd. is located in the scenic Hangzhou-Jiaxing area, 60 km west of Hangzhou, 120 km east of Shanghai, convenient transportation and geographical advantages. Our company is specialized in producing PVC round bar, shaped PVC strip and other products business. Professional for the trench manufacturer supporting, can provide a variety of PVC cylindrical tape (tents card core), PVC shaped tape and other products. The thickness of the sliver, the color will be produced according to your request, processing. The company has advanced equipment and production technology, with a complete and scientific quality management system. Haining Peng also tents Material Co., Ltd. in good faith, strength and quality of products, access to industry recognition. Reasonable prices, reliable quality, welcome friends from all walks of life come to visit, guidance and business negotiations!

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